Why to get certified?


After being audited and certified by Certima you demonstrate to your customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors in food industry that you use industry-respected best practices in the field of food safety and food quality.

When certified by Certima you will be able to affirm your current position on the market by demonstrating to your customers and other stakeholders that you manage your business in compliance with international standards’ requirements. The Certima certificate will strengthen their confidence in your capabilities as a supplier and partner in business, strengthen the bond between you as supplier and them as customer and inherently stabilize or even better grow the volume of business you do with them.

When compliant and certified towards appropriate international standards, proven with a Certima certificate, you will be better prepared when pursuing new opportunities.

The food business is a highly competitive marketplace. Knowing the current and prominent requirements of your customers and being prepared to demonstrate compliance with them can create invaluable competitive advantage for you. Being audited and certified by Certima will drive you ahead of your competitors and thus help you to be the preferred supplier.

The process of achieving and maintaining the certification you go through with Certima, also helps you to ensure that you are continually improving and refining your activities. This regular assessment process will improve staff responsibility, commitment and motivation. Certima auditing and certification improves the efficiency of your organization, betters the overall performance and with that supports you to create better company results.

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