Legal Compliance Services

We could provide you the following legal compliance services:

  • Product label review
  • Laboratory analyses review
  • Product specifications development

We developed the service “Product label review” on the basis of the experience of Certima in providing similar services for a number of retailers and wholesalers. The assessment of the labels of the products is an important part of the auditing process. Our auditors are trained to do it and part of their continuous qualification is to keep up to date their knowledge on the concerned legislation.

Our client should provide us a full sized coloured copy of the label(s) which are intended to be attached to the product. The label should include also a lot number, production/expiry date, etc. information, which usually will be printed after the label is attached to the package. All labels which will be attached on a particular product should be provided. In the case where the label is printed directly on the package (e.g. Tetra Pak boxes, cans) and the package and label cannot be separated a copy of the package should be provided. Also a short description of the product to be labelled should accompany the label. The best would be that the specification of the product is also provided.

A qualified expert of Certima will assess the labels and will compare its content with the respective local and European legislation. The expert will prepare a report where his conclusions and possible non-conformities found with the legislation will be listed. Based on this report the client will receive unambiguous and specific information about the legality of the particular label.

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