Why choose Certima?

Why choose Certima B.V.?

As a highly experienced specialized only in food industry certification organization with valuable business reputation and expertise, Certima has a genuine and deep-rooted understanding of the business needs our clients have today. In our opinion you need to:

1.To succeed comply with requirements of your customers (retailers) and to increase you market share expanding on new markets - In the dynamic and ever-changing world of food business in order to achieve trust and grow sustainably your revenue and profit you need to maintain your food safety and quality management system at a level to comply with the international standards and to demonstrate that to consumers, retailers, restaurant chains and global producers by achieving a reliable certification.

Certima is a leading auditing and certification body for the food and food related supply chains performing audits and certification services for companies in more than 12 countries. Our certificates are recognized and accepted internationally.

Our company will help you to comply with the requirements of your own customers (retailers, restaurants chains and global producers) and demonstrate that in an unmistaken way. Our service will help you to assure the safety and quality of your products, to improve your internal processes and finally help you reach new markets.

2. To receive certification services which fit your specific needs -  Certima has big experience performing 2nd party audits for international retailers and manufacturers and we know in details requirements set by your clients. We will give you advice on the best solution for your needs within our capabilities and the announced requirements

3. To receive comprehensive service - Our auditors are local and experienced in your industry. They speak the same language of the working floor. This makes communication easier. Our auditors combine the international standard requirement and legislation with their knowledge of the local conditions and legislation. They understand and know your business. No more inappropriate, misleading or even stupid questions during interviewing your staff and auditing the processing and production facilities.  Every auditor is trained and assessed on a regular basis.

4. To receive affordable audit and certification services - Our specialization and efficiency make it possible that any food company can afford our services because we are aware that managing a food business operator is a complex task and although certification is important, it is not the only one task food operators have.


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